Carlos J. Gutierrez
Florida licensed Legal Insurance Independent Agent. 786-447-9301
Florida Sate Licensed since Sept. 29, 2000


Florida licensed Legal Insurance Independent Agent. 786-447-9301

Independent Florida Licensed Agent/Associate for:



Are you Self Employed or a Business Owner and
Legal issues are a serious Concern with
everyday worries about Legal Cost?

 I can Help You!

Heath Insurance Policies at a lower Cost

*I Provide the Legal Shield Plans to protect the Individual, Small Business and the Self Employed.

Carlos J. Gutierrez, Florida Independent Licensed Agent since 2000 @ Your Service! Email with any questions or comments!
Serving America’s families since 1972 In Law Matters Plans.

Accept no Imitation of legal plans that are being offered, "Pre-paid Legal Services" is the Original and

you get direct access to your provider Law Firm's Office Building with over 30 attorneys of their specialties.


Plus their paralegal assistants to give you priority and urgent direct Legal assistance!


I will give you access 24/7 to these AV rated Attorney Firm for the cost of less then a dollar a day!


Carlos Gutierrez family and Buisness plans



Carlos J. Gutierrez, Independent Licensed Agent/Associate.

Pre-Paid Legal Services of Florida.

Name of Licensee:  GUTIERREZ, CARLOS J.

License #: D052533  Since: 9/29/2000

Type: State  /  County: All Florida  


Business Location:  Miami, FLORIDA.

Carlos J. Gutierrez, Florida License Information


 Membership Plans for Family, Foster Parents, Business, Group Membership and

Law Enforcement Officer's 



Carlos J. Gutierrez

Miami Florida Tel. 786-447-9301

State of Florida Independent Licensed Legal Expense Agent Specialist offering Individual, Family, Business and Group Benefits Plans!

Legal Shield!

I am Located in Miami, Fl 33016   


Florida licensed Legal Insurance Independent Agent. 786-447-9301


See Video above then call me if you live in the state of Florida!
I do Remote Membership Application submissions! Plan start at $24.95
What are you waiting for, less than save the fish in the Ocean and feed the dogs in Africa donation to have top AV Rated Attorneys 24/7 on your side! for pennies away!


Located in Miami, Fl 33016

Protect You and Your Family's Legal Right! When you are Ready to be Legally Protected 24, 7, 352 Days a Year for $312 Call Carlos J. Gutierrez, your Florida Licensed Agent then Download this FLORIDA Membership Application with instructions for faster membership processing.


NEW NOW! Complete Legal Package to be fully protected.

$35.95 Combined Plans ($26 Expanded Plan 9.95 Identity Theft Shield)

or register for the Family Plan f just $24.95 a month.

Any Question about our Membership Plans, email contact CJG

It is not IF? It is When you will be in a Legal Situation without Legal Protection and Acquire Big Legal Costs?


We've increased the benefits you receive from your Pre-Paid Legal Membership! Now, with access to over 60,000 legal forms at our Forms Service Center, the document you need may be only a few clicks away. The process is simple and easy. And remember, your membership gives you the power to do what only the wealthy could afford to do until now. You can have your personal legal document of up to 10 pages reviewed by an attorney and receive advice for your protection - BEFORE you sign.

Not a Pre-Paid Legal member? Contact Carlos J. Gutierrez Click here to purchase legal Plan and save time and money with a Pre-Paid Legal plan.


Dear Florida Resident and Neighbors

Join Millions of Members and see what they got, with the pioneers and oldest legal plan administrators since 1972. With over 35 top Attorneys and AV Rated by Martin Hubbell.

This legal service plan will make a difference in your life and in the lives of your immediate Family Members! Your Legal Rights Truly Protected 24/7 and Peace of mind and security. Your membership gives you the power to do what only the wealthy could afford to do until now.

You can have your personal legal document of up to 10 pages reviewed by an attorney and receive advice for your protection - BEFORE you sign.

You only get as much justice as you can afford. If you don't know your rights, you simply don't have any! The top 10% of income earners can afford to have a lawyer on retainer and are accustomed to asking their lawyer for advice before making decisions. What about you?

The Pre-Paid Legal membership.

With Pre-Paid Legal:

  • You know who to call.
  • You're treated like the firm's most important client.
  • A one year membership costs $312 or less.
  • You are empowered by knowing your legal rights.

Without Pre-Paid Legal:

  • You may try to handle it yourself.
  • You'll likely receive as much justice as you can afford.
  • You may pay hundreds of dollars for ONE HOUR of a lawyer's time.
  • If you don't know your rights, you don't have any!

Pre-Paid Legal "levels the playing field" in the justice system. With a Pre-Paid legal plan you can say, "I'm going to talk to my lawyer about this." -- and mean it!


You can use your one membership in any USA State. You must purchase your membership from your state's Independent Licensed Associate Agents.

I You Live in another State other than

Florida, I can refer an agent in your state for you.


Here are small sample of many, many situations you may encounter in the unforeseen future

*Conceal Weapons Licensed Individuals need this Legal plan in place/ suggested and Supported by the Bar Association.

*The auto repair shop threatens small claims court for money you don’t owe.

*The IRS selects you for an audit

*A tenant falls down stairs and sues you for negligence

*Your child throws a baseball through a neighbor’s car window

*A merchant refuses to honor a guarantee

*You have an accident driving your friend’s boat

*Your deceased spouse didn’t have an up to date Will

*A minor is caught breaking into your home

*Your driver’s license is suspended

*Your landlord raises rent in violation of your verbal agreement

*Your teenager is accused of shop lifting

*You decide to change your name

*Creditors threaten to take action against you for your ex-spouse’s debts

*A neighbor reports you for child abuse

*You don’t have a Will

*You decided to adopt

*A friend is injured on your property and sues you

*Family members challenge your parent’s Will

*A friend owes you money and files bankruptcy

*Your car is damages by a hit-and-run driver

*A hair dresser damages your hair with harsh chemicals

*A retail store won’t accept the return of defective merchandise

*Your child wrecks the car a friend is injured

*You are subpoenaed

*Your long drive off the tee injures another player

*You need a lease agreement reviewed

*A neighbor trips over a rake in your yard and breaks a leg

*A jeweler sells you faulty merchandise

*Your child is injured in a football game

*Your parents die and leave you executor of their estate

*Your dog is poisoned

*A pop bottle at a baseball game hits you

*You are injured when you slip on a wet floor in a public building

*Your landlord enters you apartment without permission

*A neighbor’s dog attacks and kills your pet

*You loose an expensive watch in a hotel and the manager claims no liability

*Your spouse claims a right to your earnings

*Record club sends merchandise after you canceled your membership

*Your landlord refuses to refund your cleaning deposit

*You receive a ticket for speeding

*Your boat is damaged while in storage

*Your neighbor’s dog barks for hours every night, their trash is in your yard, or their car on your grass.

What’s worse than needing legal help?
Not being able to afford it.

The first one to fumble for his or her money usually ends up the loser in a legal situation. That’s why we are proud to offer you this pre-paid legal plan.

Now you can have the legal Protection you will need,
at a fraction of the usual cost. How?

Know Your Rights for Less with AV rated Attorneys with over 2 dozen at the Firm ready to protect You!With a Pre-Paid Legal Services membership.

As a Pre-Paid Legal member, you won’t have to worry about the cost of legal help because the services you need most are pre-paid through your membership! It is a comprehensive preventive and legal coverage. With direct Attorney Access.

There’s no substitute for affordable legal counsel, especially today. Legal situations and questions develop in our lives without notice. With your Pre-Paid Legal Services membership, you have the legal support of Reputable, professional law firm behind you.



Take a look at your benefits!

Your Legal Plan benefits in brief:

*Unlimited toll-free consultation with your Provider Attorney

*Letter/phone calls made on your behalf by your Provider Attorney

*Contract/document review

*Will preparation

*Moving traffic violation representation

*Tragic accident representation

*Suspended drivers license reinstatement assistance

*Personal injury/property damage collection assistance

*Defense of civil and job-related criminal charges

*IRS audit legal services

*25% hourly discount on legal services not otherwise available through the membership

*One membership covers you, your spouse, and your dependent children

All these benefit for you and your family for pennies a day!

We've increased the benefits you receive from your Pre-Paid Legal Membership! Now, with access to over 60,000 legal forms

*The Family Plan with one low $27.00 a month covers you, your spouse and or your living together partner, your children under 21 years old and or 23 year old son or daughter who is a full time students and any living with you disabled or handicap persons. Yes even your Teenage drivers, "Yes one plan! One low membership fee." Smaller plan available at $19.95 a month.

Your Living Will

Every year thousands of families quietly face life altering decisions.  A family member becomes critically ill (perhaps even placed on life support) and unable to make his or her own medical decisions, then someone must make those decisions. Who should decide? What should they do? more.

Call today for membership. Note: Traffic moving Violations covered after 15 Days of effective day, so don’t delay! Call for your membership kit, with vehicle decals, membership card and a 24-hr Legal shield card for all your home’s family members

I have Legal Plans also available for;
Business Owners with fewer than 100 Employees,
 Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers and Foster Parents.

Thanks for this opportunity to offer this service to you, and remember there is no contract of time, if not satisfied you may cancel at any time.

Carlos J. Gutierrez, Fl. L. L. E. A;
Your local Florida Licensed Associate.  Click here to email us

Contact me, do not hesitate! It is not If! BUT WHEN YOU WILL NEED THIS Wonderful legal protection in our very litigious times that we are living. Listen to the news, Law suits, Accidents and settlements are everyday in the News.

I Have a  Legal Prevention and Protection Plan for you!

Life Events Legal PlanSM

We give members access to professional legal counsel not only for traditional legal problems, but for everyday events where legal review should be routine, but rarely is. For Pre-Paid Legal members, access to legal counsel is only a toll-free phone call away.

Pre-Paid Legal Life Events Legal Plan

“In our society today, it is better to be guilty and rich than

to be innocent and poor.”

That comment was made to the world during a feature on the ABC program, Nightline. It is a statement that is as true as it is disappointing. The fact is “Equal Justice Under Law” is just not true. In actuality, such equality has been available only to those who could afford it. The purpose of this collection of letters is to showcase the solution.

 I can email you some of the letters, reading these letters, you will learn through several first hand accounts how our members have utilized our product. You’ll read how they saved themselves and their families time, money, and stress. Many of the stories include dramatic recounts of the circumstances surrounding their legal situation, while others simply illustrate the value of having legal advice a phone call away no matter how seemingly trivial the topic might be.

We know the wealthiest 10 percent of the population keep their own legal teams on retainer. Conversely, the bottom 10 percent are provided access to the public defender system. It is our goal to make sure the 80 percent in between have a legal voice, and that “Equal Justice Under Law” is a reality for them also!

Harland C. Stonecipher
Chairman, CEO and Founder
Pre-Paid Legal Services ®, Inc.

We have a collection of compliment letters We are dedicated to the more than one million families served by Pre-Paid Legal Services ®, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Take a look at the topics below, they are type of assistance our members have received.

Please remember that individual results may vary depending on your legal issue, schedule of benefits and

any applicable state laws.

We cover all these cases below
Legal Matter we resolve and be on your side!


Court appearance




Labor Law

Attorney Praise

Credit Fraud

Landlord / Tenant Issues

Auto Accident

Credit Issue

Legal Shield




Business Related Issues

Document Review 

Living Trust

Child Custody

Drivers License

Money Saved

Child Support

Employment Matters


Class Action

Estate Questions

Non-Profit Organization


Family Matters


Consumer Issues


Real Estate and Construction

Consumer Law

Health Care Directive


Contract Dispute

Identity Theft

Revocable Trust



Traffic Related Issues

State Agencies

Tax Issues

Tragic Accident

Small Claims Court

Telephone and Letter

Suspended License

Social Security

Title Issue



& other specialized Law.




Need or ever wonder of a Pre-paid Legal Business or Family Protection Plan to protect your

Property, Rights and Loved ones?

Contact your Miami Independent Licensed Florida Agent: Carlos J. Gutierrez
Contact me for information and you will get a free Life & Property Will with your membership! 
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